Shrub End War Memorial lists 17 men who gave their lives in WWI they were local men from what was a small community. Their sacrifice was memorialised after the war and the memorial had stood on the crossroads for over one hundred years.


Sadly, due to the construction it has deteriorated over the years, and now is in a terrible state, and in 2017 a group of committed locals took up the challenge and have ambitions to replace this crumbling structure with a new one which should carry the name of those heroes well into the future.


Working to identify who owns and is responsible for this structure has proven to be an impossible task, Land Registry searches and local church records have turned up nothing. Local history tells us that a local parish (Stanway & Winstree) initially had the memorial built and the money to do so was raised by local donations. Boundary changes over the years have taken this small plot out of Stanway and nobody seems to want to say the land is now theirs.




In June 2018 this memorial along with numerous other throughout Britain were given a Grade II listing designation, rightly so perhaps but this particular one was already crumbling by that stage and because is has now been listed has caused no end of problems for those who are committed to replacing it.


Recently the structure was deemed unsafe by the local authority and have said that it needs to be taken down. The Group decided to have the name plaque removed to safeguard it, for future use, despite its listing status, they felt safeguarding the original plaque it was more important. The memorial has since been fenced off.


The group made up of representatives of the local community, the Church and local council have now formally asked for the listing to be removed, so work can proceed in replacing the memorial and give those local men what they deserve, their names are carried forward in time so we can remember them and their sacrifice so we may live as we do today. Samuel Balls, Sidney Spurgeon, William John Woodrow, George Woodrow, Harry Wisbey, Albert Bertie Cook, Ernest Everett, Walter Sargeant, George Edward Kettle, Alfred Sargeant, A Potter, L Hollick, Robert Rout,  G. Polley,  Arthur Harrington, F Clarke and  L Folkard.




Fundraising continues and we have some way to go with and estimate of nearly £15,000. All donations are greatly appreciated and if you feel you would like to donate a quick call to Kevin Starling on 01206 920047 or mobile 0788371053 he will give you the bank details of the local Residents Association monies can be paid direct to the bank or cheque if you prefer. Or a donation box will be in St Cedd’s when the Community Café is open (2nd and 4th Mondays 9:30-11:30)