Many years ago my mum Mabel and her good neighbour friend use to attend the Shrub End Young Wives group on a Thursday evening I think it was. However as the term young wives, tended to preclude older women and ladies who were not married it got renamed the Ladies Group. My first accounting records were from 1997 when they were prepared the accounts for me. Their monies were raised from collecting subs, raffles, rummage sales, garden parties, coffee mornings and collections. They spent that on admin, speakers and made donations to the church and to charity. 


Looking back, and referring to the parish booklet, in the late 1950’s the group were really flourishing and they started a drama group. The vicar at the time was the Reverend Richard who produced a play called “Stand by your Medical” for entertainment at the Harvest Supper. Other plays were put on and a Christmas show.


The group were called the Shrub End Young Wives Entertainment Group. In the early 1960’s the Reverend Lawrence asked for the show to be used to support the appeal for the church bells then restaged for a charity. A passion play was put on in 1963. Later on the curates Reverend Stanley and Reverend David helped out too. The group then evolved into the Parish Players


Often in warmer times in the Summer weather, garden parties were held.


My neighbour recalls that as the companionship at St Cedd’s increased the Shrub End Young Wives was started, which in later years got called the Ladies Group. This group was run by a good lady and nobody was turned away, although this was mainly a church group.