For many years flowers have appeared in our church but in 2005 we held a very good Flower Festival.                

One of the necessary things at our churches are the flower displays which adorn our buildings. Apart from when they are not present during Lent, ladies prepare displays each week, normally on a rota. Either inspired just by their own choices, or in memory of a loved one. I try and get something organised in my own case, to remember my parents – Mabel and Harry Waller – who both died in the first week of April in 2007 and 2010. In the past these lists of volunteers have been organised at both All Saints and at St Cedd’s In recent times.

Looking back my neighbour recalls that many of the Mothers Union ladies were on the flower rota at both churches, and prepared displays on numerous occasions but always recognised All Saints as the parish church. There are various other mentions of flowers included, showing from our festivals, church Sundays and other events.