Searching my memory again, I think there was a parishioner from our church called Jenny  who lived in a cottage which was almost joining onto the garage in Shrub End Road, this being the Texaco/Co-op formerly Somerfields. When she died she bequested the cottage to the church. The garage bought it and extended their premises after it was knocked down and with the proceeds, our Annexe was built. This is used a lot, for our 8am Sunday services, refreshments after Sunday services and other functions including the Tea Room for the Art Exhibition.  

A little more history was found in the parish book and this gave more background to the Jenny story. There was a store in the road, run by Mr and Mrs Morris which sold mainly sweets and odds and ends. This stood on the present site of the Shrub End garage. The garage about that time was called Magnolia Garage due to the fact that there was a magnificent magnolia tree in the garden. The daughter of Mr and Mrs Morris was Jenny who had a bungalow built at the back of the garage. When this was later demolished, the proceeds from her will, when this was sold, helped to pay for the All Saints Annexe extension.