As I know my brother was involved before his marriage, it has to be about 30 years ago as his big day was in 1981, one of the roles of the clergy was taken over by some members of the congregation, that being of prayer preparation and reading them out during the service. Initially only done at St Cedd’s, there were eight on a rota here; including myself, my brother David, Eric and I believe Barbara.

This number got lower and lower, then I took on some other Sunday commitments, so when I was last involved, it was down to just three people, Susan, myself and Peggy and I wrote hers for her, and she just read them out. However we did have a longer list of people who read the lesson. I did this task too. Whilst I am not involved in either of these now, I do make the effort to do both on Christmas Morning at the 10am service held at St Cedd’s Church.

I had many happy years of prayer writing and in 1986 and 1987 when I spent nine weeks in hospital; I continued to do my part. I took great comfort in still writing as I sat in my bed in the General Hospital and Barbara kindly read them out for me at church the following Sunday.

The intentions of the sections of the intercessions have taken various formats with their theme and response, but now they are for the following five areas of thought, these being – prayers for the worldwide church, the world, family, friends and the local community, the poor, aged and sick and finally the departed.

The first four area end with the lead from the intercessor – Lord in your Mercy and the response from the congregation is – Hear our Prayer

The final area leads with – Merciful Father and response is – Accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.