Vicar's Letter

This months letter, like last months, brings news of the death of some-one  with long standing connections with All Saints’. Kathleen Farrington died at Thorpe-le -Soken on the 7th August aged 94. Together with her husband Peter, one time Churchwarden of All Saints’, Kathleen was very much a part of Parish life at few years ago. A long standing member of the Mothers’ Union, I gather she actually made the M.U. banner which hangs in the Church. Kathleen moved to Thorpe-le-Soken in later life to be near her son but retained connections with several friends in the Parish and until recently was to be seen, at least once a year, at the Art Exhibition. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time.

It is hard to believe that we are now in September, autumn is on the doorstep and summer over for another year.

On the 14th of the month we will be celebrating a special day which this year falls on a Sunday – “The Exaltation of the Holy Cross” sometimes simply known as Holy Cross Day. This festival has it’s roots  in the traditions attached to the Patron Saint of our town, S. Helena, who, it is believed, found, on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in AD 326, the actual cross on which our Lord was crucified. The place where the cross was found was later covered by a Church. This church, one of the most sacred in the Christian World, is, of course, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The Church itself was consecrated on September 13th AD 335 but the following day September 14th part of the True Cross was placed in that church for the clergy and people to venerate and so the 14th September became the Festival of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. It is the custom to wear red vestments on that day and whereas on Good Friday our thoughts are centred on the sufferings, the passion, of Christ himself, on Holy Cross Day we celebrate that through the cross has come the redemption of the World, something to rejoice in rather than to be sad about.

Colchester’s connection with the True Cross and S. Helena, while very much the stuff of legend, is of course celebrated in many ways in the town: a church, school and hospice dedicated to S. Helena, her statue standing proud on the tower of the Town Hall and the arms of the borough depicting the Cross with the nails, each nail topped by a coronet with the motto “NO CROSS, NO CROWN” an ideal proclamation for the celebration of the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. 

Wishing you every blessing - Fr Nicholas Davis


In a brief review of the magazine, we saw -


Mothers' Union

Eunice was congratulated on a big birthday in the month, and the work of the late Kath Farrington was spoken about.


Prayer Groups and Prayer Support

Robin was anxious to get the youth more involved in the parish in a partnership with other parishes. He had alrwady held meetings. He wanted them to get more connected to our churches.


Harvest Supper

This will be held with a 530pm gathering on Saturday 11th October 2014 at St Cedd's, with a sit down at 6pm. The price will be £6 for a two course meal. This will include cold meats and various salads. Harvest worship will be the day after at 10am. Beacon House will be the beneficiary of our offerings.


Friends' of Essex Churches Trust - Ride & Stride

This will be on Saturday 13th September 2014, where ours and various other churches can be visited.


History on Our Doorstep

This article gave a detailed history of various roads in the parish. These featured - Iceni Way, Boadicea Way, Cunobelin Way, Gosbecks, Gurney Benhsm Close and Paxman Avenue.