From the Vicar

July is a month of important saints. On the third the Church celebrates S. Thomas the Apostle. Thomas with his reputation as a doubter of Jesus’ resurrection has always been a saint people can identify with as they struggle with their own doubts and problems with their faith and beliefs.

In fact, far from remaining in a state of doubt, it is from the mouth of S. Thomas that the great declaration of faith is uttered “My Lord and my God” signifying his own acceptance and understanding of Jesus as indeed God in the flesh – God incarnate. Although S. Thomas appears in several Gospel passages we know very little about him as a human being. We can but hope that whatever doubts we may from time to time harbour, whatever difficulties we may have with our beliefs, at the end of the day we too, like S. Thomas, may acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Lord and God.

Later in the month on the twenty-second there is the celebration of   S. Mary Magdalene another saint who has always captured the imagination of Christian people down the centuries. Like S. Thomas we know virtually nothing about her apart from what we read in the New Testament. In the Middle Ages she was linked with the woman who anointed Our Lord at Bethany and was also seen as a repentant prostitute but there is scant evidence for either of these assumptions and today most scholars dismiss the idea.

S. Mary Magdalene is much more important for the role she plays after the resurrection in bringing the news of that event to the other disciples earning her the name “Apostle to the Apostles.” 

Finally on the twenty-fifth of July there is the feast of another Apostle, S. James; traditionally known as S. James the Great to delineate him from the other James who is also one of the apostles. James together with his brother John were two of the earliest disciples called by Jesus to follow him. Like Andrew and Peter, James was a fisherman by trade and he and his brother often accompanied Jesus at special events in his ministry. They are mentioned as having been present at the Transfiguration and in the Garden of Gethsemane. James and John are also famous for having asked Jesus if they could sit on his left and right when he came into his glory. Jesus answer to the question reminds us that all the Apostles were called upon to witness to their faith until death and James himself was killed by the sword around the year 44AD.

One of the reasons the Church celebrates the lives of the saints is both to give us good examples of Christian discipleship and to encourage us in our faith. I hope that these three shining examples of holiness will continue to do so as we remember them this month.    

Wishing you every blessing

Your Priest and Vicar

Fr Nicholas

Art Exhibition

Robin reported on another successful Art Exhibition, the 30th to be held by the parish. There was an updated sign which was sponsored and coverage in both our local papers. Once there was the well run refreshment area and over 500 visitors attended. 74 painted exhibited 330 painting with 36.5% of these sold, with just over £2,000 profit made by the parish.

St Christopher

There was a detailed look at St Christopher

Mothers’ Union

The month saw a strawberry tea held with thanks given to Jane, Lynn and Heather F, for their work done. There will be no meeting in August.

Friends of All Saints

The history of the Friends was detailed which was formed in the mid 1980’s. Over the years they have been involved with the Art Exhibition. And for a while holiday trips away were arranged, but now it is just outings.


100 years old

Sheila gave her thoughts about a former member of our parish Les, who celebrated his 100th birthday in June 2015.