From the vicar

Fr Nicholas mentioned that he just had his sixtieth birthday and he thanks all who had contributed towards his card and present. He spoke of the end of the Christian Year and the recent addition of the “Solemnity of Christ the King”  to the calendar.   


Harvest Lunch

A lovely lunch was enjoyed by many at St Cedd’s and thanks were given to Neville, Megan and their daughters who provided the excellent catering on the day.      


Mothers’ Union

Thanks were given to Fr Adrian who came to the October meeting and was the celebrant at the Harvest Communion. He spoke about the wonderful gifts of the harvest and of the work of Mary Sumner who founded the Mothers’ Union.


All is Safely Gathered In

All our thanks were given to the farmers for all the work that they do. Also Jennifer mentioned all those who were involved in flower arraning.


News from Stanway Green Lodge

A good lot of praise was given for the delights of all the flowers that are grown in the gardens and a mention was given of the Art Class that is running.


Life at the Iceni Academy

A lot of new families and teachers have joined in recent times and these had been welcomed. The new school council made up of 16 children had been selected and enjoyed a visit to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Will Quince, the local MP, had visited the Acamedy and had met the council. An upcoming trip was planned to go to the Thriftwood Scout Camp near Brentwood.   .