From the vicar

Fr Nicholas said a New Year dawned and here it 2018, but in the Jewish Year it was 5778 and in the Muslim Year 1439. He spoke of how the calendar was to develop over the years as Britain and the Empire went from the old Julian Calendar to the Gregorian one. This happened in 1752 finally although some had changed it in 1582. There also had to be a re-alignment when eleven days had to be missed out to balance things up.


Christmas Flowers

Many thanks were given for those who donated money towards the festival flowers.


Feast of the Epiphany

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem wise men came from the East, asking, “Where is he that has been born king of the Jews”. For we have seen his star in the East and have come to worship him ?


Little Tinkers

In January 2018 the parish’s Baby and Toddler Group will be one year old and congregation members were invited to visit the group on 10th January.


Mothers’ Union                                                    

Once again we enjoyed good food, good company and most of all, excellent service from Kate, who was our waitress at the Albert, where we thoroughly enjoyed our branch Christmas meal. Subscriptions were now due.


Thursday Afternoon Group

The Group’s sponsored Christmas greeting in the December issue of this magazine raised £50 which was sent to the Children’s Society.


News from Stanway Green Lodge

Christmas Festivities had begun on 1st December and this saw the home being decorated. There had been a return visit from Alex Bass who did a very good slide show and there was an interactive quiz on the festive season as well. This was a test on carols and those people connected to Christmas. A huge thanks was given to Terry Poulter who helped organise the Hand Bell Ringing Society visit. Again there had been visits from schools and churches for carol singing.