From the vicar

Fr Nicholas wrote his notes prior to the Ash Wednesday service saying that he was looking forward to the Eucharist with the imposition of the Ashes. The traditional way to begin the holy season of Lent. During Lent this year he thought that it would be a good idea to think about how we mark the great events of Salvation History, the events that are at the hearts of the Christian Faith and which we will observe in Holy Week and celebrate at Easter. This we will be doing at the meetings of the Lent Course on Tuesdays.


He spoke how in a previous parish interview in Catford in London where he was being considered to becoming a team  vicar in the parish, that he was surprised by one of the questions he was asked, but they were very pleased with the answer that he gave them.


Recipe for the month

A good description was given for making fig pie.


Mothers Union

The speaker attending was Molly Hoyle and she was accompanied b Brenda Russell. The topic of the talk was “In the footsteps of Mary Sumner”. Literature was bought and sold and this raised £50. In March Malcolm will be celebrating Holy Communion with a special focus on the season of Lent.     


Fr Adrian

He was received into the Roman Catholic church at Candlemas – 5th February and we as a parish are very grateful for all his past help and wish him well on this new chapter in his journey of faith.


News from Stanway Green Lodge

There was a welcome visit from four volunteers from the University of Essex after their time awa for the Christmas holidays. They also participated in the quiz. Also attending were people from the Kingsland church for the first time since their carol performance in December. The Facebook page run by Cynthia is going well with 4,500 followers. The Rock’n Roll Party was a big success and there was a Pancake time as well.