From the vicar

Fr Nicholas was hoping to speak about good news, but sadly the TV and newspapers are usually full of bad news. In recent weeks we have heard about the poisonings in Salisbury and the Cold War with Russia and the war that is still happening in Syria. He then went on to tell us of good news and of the news of the Easter message.   



Art Exhibition

Helpers are needed for the Art Exhibition which will be held in early May.



Children’s Society

Boxes are still to be sent in, to be opened up.



Little Tinkers

In recent weeks the group have held a Salsa session with Eddie



Mothers’ Union                                                    

Last month’s meeting saw a Communion worship kindly led by Malcolm and a sermon was given by Nina. This month Chris will be giving a slide show on stained glass windows. This time the theme will be “Fashion depicted in stained glass”.



Receipe Time

This month, the receipe was for Simnel cake.



News from Stanway Green Lodge

There was hope that we had all survived the recent cold snap in the weather. Christine is a newby resident in the area and had given them a bit of history about the home. They had a session of baking bread, there was some singing with Katie Bingham and there had been lunch at the Swan in Copford. St Patrick’s Day was celebrated by making a delicious cheese and pork pie. A very old record player from the 1970s had been donated to them, along with several classic LP records.  



Quiz Night

This is being run at St Cedd’s by Matthew on Saturday 7th April at 730 on behalf of Children with Cancer.