From the vicar

The beginning of December marks the start of Advent and the beginning of the Christian Year. As far as I can recall (Brian says) from his school days, it is from the Latin word Adventum – the coming or the arrival. Visually in church, the colour used is purple.


Church Walking by the church treasurer

As Brian continues his walking, it was more time in Colchester, before he went and visited Newmarket, with stop offs at the villages of Thurston and Elmwell. Then he began his long walk around Norwich and a trip out to Acle. The full account of this and future walks can be found elsewhere on this website.


Remembrance Day

A very good account was written by Jennifer when an amazing cascade of poppies came down from the pulpit. Many other churches did a similar display with a marvellous exhibition of these in St Peter Mancroft in Norwich.


Mother’s Union

Sandra led the Christmas card making with crafting bits and pieces. A meal was also arranged for December 3rd..


Christmas Flowers

Contributions were welcomed for these.


Yarra Farm

Another busy month on the farm had taken place and fund raising has seen a defibrillator bought. The farm workers have done well as they prepare on the oncoming winter season. Four cats had recently been rescued and a few outside visits had been made. At the end of October a group of nine adults had been to Butlins for the weekend.  


News from Stanway Green Lodge

At the start of November they had held a Bonfire Night and this time the weather was good. Then at Remembrance, a poppy display was done. To celebrate the Hindu Festival of Lights, some tasty Indian snacks were done.