From the vicar

Fr Nicholas said that he had always been interested in art and architecture and when he lived in London he often use to pop into galleries on a Friday or look around a famous building. The Wallace Collection had a particular fascination for him, not because it housed the Laughing Cavalier by Frans Hals but because of its great mixture of paintings, clocks and furniture, mostly from the 18th century. He often used his love of paintings to get across his Christian message.      

Bunch of Violets

Seeing all the fabulous bouquets of flowers on sale for Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Easter and Birthdays, took Beryl back to her past. She remembered some of the washing powders, soaps, toothpastes of years gone by and of singing kettles. At school there was often an open fire or a stove and they played marbles or conkers. There were skipping rope games also. In the evenings people listened to their radios, knitted or did embroidery.    

She continued by saying that there were few cars on the road and calls on the phone were from Big Red Boxes. Sundays were for Church and Sunday School and people use to cycle everywhere. Most goods were delivered to the door by grocers, bakers, butchers and milkmen and she even had her own laundry man who brought his son with him.

(Webmaster – I should know, I was that son and the man was my dad Harry).

The curly headed three year old Brian even then was a mathematician as he liked to count out the change. Beryl said that all these things came from remembering that bunch of violets.  

Mothers’ Union

The meeting this month fell on Ash Wednesday and Fr Nicholas kindly went to their meeting, to explain the meaning of Lent. He went through the lessons that were designated for Lent

Art Exhibition

Dates and times of the Art Show were disclosed and there was going to be a display by some Historical Dancers.

Children’s Society

There was another appeal for Children’s Home boxes to be returned to Brenda.


Spring has arrived and they were excited by the brief spell of warm weather on the farm. A start had been made on this year’s produce. Tomatoes have been sown, courgettes and carrot seeds. The first spring lambs have arrived. The alpacas have been taken on a short trek around the farm as were the goats too. As the weather warms up, the chickens should start to lay more eggs. A great variety of these eggs will then go on sale. They also sell to the public honey and alpaca manure !!!

Easter customs

Easter can vary between March 22nd and April 25th and is the most holy festival in the Christian Year, although many of these are pagan ideas. Hot cross buns probably stem from small wheat cakes eaten at the spring festivals but the cross is of Christian origin. The simnel cake was originally made by servant girls for Mothering Sunday in March.   

News from Stanway Green Lodge

There were greetings from the folks again. They had a busy afternoon with the children from the Iceni Academy. On Shrove Tuesday they had a pancake party. There were numerous games played involving pancakes. Cynthia with her Facebook Group of Nostalgic photos, now has 13,000 followers. A cream tea was held in celebration of this landmark reached. Numerous members had communicated with her because of her love of old photos which had also been featured in the local press. A start had been made on the vegetable garden and sunflowers had been planted too.