From the vicar

Lent began this year on March 6th and this event was celebrated with a special event service on Ash Wednesday at 7pm. This included the imposition of ash, made from last year’s palm branches, accompanied by the words – “Remember that you are dust and to dust you will return”. Lent is a very special time within the Christian Year and one that we should not let go unnoticed. There was also the usual Lent Course held.

Church Walk

Brian continued his accounts of his walking day with the trips to Brentwood, Norwich and Diss as he wrote the notes from his fifth book.   

Mothers’ Union

There was a visit in the previous month from councillor Pauline who took on that role back in 2007. She has held a number of different roles on the local council since then. This month will see a visit from Fr Nicholas.  


A poem for Lent was published.

Children’s Society

There was another appeal for Children’s Home boxes to be returned to Brenda.


The defibrillator was now in use and thanks were expressed to all who made donations to buy it. On the farm, repairs had been made to sort out some of the pathways. Their rabbit Elsie had injured her leg and was being nursed back to better health.

News from Stanway Green Lodge

After a quiet January, things were nearly back to normal now. Weather has been good of late so all the bulbs have been planted up. Cynthia has ordered runner beans seed and on February 4th the Chinese New Year was seen in. This saw Chinese Food cooked. A visit was made to the Hungry Horse for lunch and spring is in the air. There were a few events up and coming and these were for Pancake and Red Nose Days and a music concert at St Teresa’s School was being planned.