From the churchwarden

Now in our second full month of interregnum, the churchwarden would like to thank everyone who has come forward with help. He reported that there will be a quinquennial inspection of our church buildings this year. He also said that the Baby and Toddlers Group would be restarting on September 4th after our Summer break.   

Harvest Offerings

The offerings this year will be donated to Beacon House, so any suitable items of long life food and drinks, toiletries, disposable razors, toothpastes and men’s socks and underwear, etc would be acceptable. They can be left in a box at the back of the church.

Thank You From Father Nicholas

He said that he would like to say a big thank you for his wonderful send off that the parish gave him. He was pleased to see a church full of people for his last service with us and a thank you to all who arranged the meal afterwards. At the time in August, he was still busy trying to sort out the things that he was to take with him, and what was going to be thrown away.

Mothers’ Union

There was no meeting this month, but on Wednesday 4th September, Rev Ray Sams will be showing us his collection of guitars and ukuleles. This will be called “Strings and Things”. Brenda had been given some old books about the Mothers Union by the late Barbara Stephens, and this traced back to the 1970’s and recounted a bit of history about the group leader and her young upbringing by her grandmother Edith.

All Saints Church Opening

Hopefully during the church interregnum, volunteers will open up the church on a daily basis.


After a quiet time from the organisation in which they have been very busy, they have now managed to write to us again. The farm is always changing with projects and exciting new challenges. Brian and the farm guys carefully did a lot of planning back in February and since then they have digging, sowing, weeding and watering bulbs and seeds. Each morning the service group develop their cooking skills. In early August they were inspected by the local council and were awarded a food hygiene rating of 5. They have enjoyed a harbour tour in Brightlingsea and a day trip to Clacton and the pier. They also said goodbye to their twin goats who went to live on a farm in Kent.

Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning

This was arranged to be held on Thursday 26th September. All proceeds from the Afternoon Group will be donated  to it.  

News from Stanway Green Lodge

After battling with the changeable weather they finally held their Summer Garden Party. This had a Hawaiian theme. The afternoon began with a duet from Cynthia and Jane. There was also an interesting rendition of “Summer Nights from Alfredo. They had a much delayed visit to those at Yarra Farm which now had wheelchair friendly footpaths. Alex Bass paid a visit with her slide show and there was also a visit from Lillian Lace.