From the churchwarden

Thanks were given to the Archdeacon Ruth who attended and led a lively service at St Cedd’s on September 1st. She was due to return on various other Sundays during 2019. We are very pleased to hear that Bishop Roger will be leading the Christmas worship at St Cedd’s on Christmas Morning at 10am. As it has become very difficult to arrange priests for all five services held during the week, from January 2020, there will be no services held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and possibly 8am at All Saints on Sundays also.


The parish continues to look for a sacristan to replace the current one who would like to retire.  

Harvest Offerings

If anyone can offer monetary contributions towards the cost of flowers and decorations for our Harvest Festival on October 13th, it will be gratefully accepted.

Mothers’ Union

Last month Rev Ray Sams paid the group a visit which proved to be a very light hearted and interesting afternoon. In the current month Sandra will be in attendance with her popular crafting session.  

Harvest Home

Last month saw a lot of tractors and harvesters about collecting the harvest from the fields. It was hoped that most of the farmers would have their cereal crops in by the end of September.   

News from Stanway Green Lodge

Judging took place in the Sunflower competition and this was to be a closely run thing. Maureen was the winner with Mavis the runner up. Inspired by TV programmes, cooking was put to the test as they made mini trifles. The yearly invite to Colchester in Bloom awards ceremony was received which was to be held at the Town Hall on October 12th. Cynthia organised another of her popular reminiscence sessions of photos and videos.