From the churchwarden

Robin welcomed us into the New Year as we prepare for a life outside of Europe. As a parish we have now been without a vicar for six months, with no thoughts of when we will get a new one. We will have to work with other parishes in the meantime and to this end, there will be a meeting where our PCC members have been invited to go to St Albrights on Sunday 19th January.

Message from Ray

He spoke of how we live in a time of technology with computers and mobile phones. It is a great paradox of life that, in order to stay the same, we must keep changing. The New Year is a good time to set ourselves an agenda for change: to ask ourselves questions about who we are and who we want to be. And then to think about what we need to start doing and what we need to stop doing, so that we can become ourselves again.  

Sacristan Vacancy

We are still for someone to take over the role that Daphne does.

Mothers’ Union

Our Christmas Meal was held in December at the Harvester, where we were able to enjoy the festival fare as well as each other’s company and a good time was had by all. The tributes are now due.


They reflected on how far the farm had come and were setting their goals for the New Year. A Christmas Party was hosted for all their adults where games and a buffet were enjoyed. Wearing a Christmas Jumper Day saw money raised for “Save the Children Fund” and due to the shorter sunlight in the days, the chicken egg production levels were well down.   

News from Stanway Green Lodge

The highlight of the month was the award given to Cynthia Greenwood at the Essex Care Awards. This was held at the Chelmsford Racecourse. The Christmas decorations went up very early and on 12th they had a visit from the Kingsland church for a service and a rendition of carols. Another visit came from the Ukelele Group from U3A and the Stanway Primary School also attended. Gill from St Theresa’s school helped to organise a choir to perform a carol concert and Alex Bass again returned with his slide show. There was entertainment from Lillian Lace and Barry Peters. Then it was onto the Christmas Day Celebrations.