From the churchwarden

There is no report from Robin this month as he had been unwell.

Little Tinkers Group

On December 18th, a splendid party was held, without the visit from Father Christmas this year but presents were still given to all the children. A raffle was held and this raised the grand sum of £108.87 for the Church of England Children’s Society.

Christmas Flowers

Thanks were given for all who had supplied Christmas Flowers or provided money for them.

Christmas Boxes

These are due in now.

Message from Ray

Ray kindly wrote again, this time about a pencil, a bee and God. Using his pencil only, he spoke of how much quicker it was to use a pencil rather than waiting for a computer to boot up. He related how a pencil was formed ansd he spoke of how he suddenly in 1998 found God. Sitting in his garden, the sight of a bee, transformed his life. He called her Deborah and it was a sight of her that suddenly had such an impact on his life. Ray ran indoors, rang the vicar; was soon baptised and confirmed and in 2006, he was ordained, but now a retired vicar, we thank him for the many hours that he serves this parish, with the taking of services, baptisms, funerals and the writing of services held.  

Sacristan Vacancy

We are still for someone to take over the role that Daphne does.

Mothers’ Union

At present no speaker has been arranged and another reminder was given that the tributes are now due.

News from Stanway Green Lodge

It was hoped that all readers had a good Christmas and January gave them time to reflect and this is always a quiet month. Many thanks to the Bethel church who started the New Year off and a film afternoon was held. Fatballs were made for the birds and preparations were being made to celebrate the Chinese New Year on the 25th.