From the vicar

Fr Nicholas said that he was not particularly wedded to new technology. Of course although these are good, sadly computer crime can cause hazards on the internet due to fraud. However there are benefits as wherever you are in the world, you can normally send or receive texts from family and friends. Then when driving in this country you can use SATNAV to find and get to places, without getting lost. Travelling on his recent holiday in Italy, he could use his phone to communicate and his Ipod to listen to music, but it was the faithful old reading books that he was to use as well.



Remembrance Sunday

During October please look out for the small poppies that can be found at the back of the church. Please take one (or more) away and return them later with a personal message written on them. The messages or dedications will then be read out on Remembrance Sunday instead of the intercessions.



Mother’s Union

The speaker was Pauline Briggs who made a very welcome return to us and her subject was “Hymns and their History”. And a few of the favourite ones were mentioned too.



News from Stanway Green Lodge

Unfortunately this information did not arrive in time to be published this month.



Yarra Service

This is a Learning Disability Service in Colchester. They are situated locally in Heath Road, Stanway Green and offer a Day Centre, Respite Service and a Care Farm for young adults. Thanks were given by them for everyone who attended their open day recently on 27th August. 130 people attended and a magnificent sum of £835.48 was raised. They are currently raising money to buy a defibrillator and a coffee morning will be held to raise funds for this and the MacMillan Appeal.       



Harvest Lunch

This is being held in the All Saints Annexe at 1pm on Sunday 14th October 2018. The cost will be £5 per person and this will be for pulled pork roll with accompaniments followed by a selection of cakes. A vegetarian option is available plus teas and coffee.



Harvest Offerings

The recipient of the harvest offerings this year will be the Colchester Food Bank who aim to provide a minimum of three days emergency food to local people in crisis. Suggested donations include long life fruit juice, long life milk, fruit squash, tinned fruit, tinned meat or fish, small multipack snacks such as Penguin/Club/Twix, breakfast cereals, small jars of coffee, tea, male/female deodorants, shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, small washing powder/liquid and 10p carrier bags.  



Church Coffee Morning

A coffee morning is being held at All Saints Church on Saturday 24th November between 10am and noon for church funds.



Quiz Night

Matthew has again managed to gain entry to the 2019 London Marathon so another fund raising quiz is being held on Saturday 17th November 2018 at 730pm at a cost of £5 per person, with money raised going to the “Children with Cancer” charity. Please bring your own drinks and nibbles.