From the Vicar

He spoke of how the Summer 2018 had been one to remember, with all the very hot weather. This of course had seen a detrimental effect for the lack of feed for farm animals and the non growth of crops. He mentioned the tank in the Castle Park made from plants and of the upcoming saints festivals.



Mothers’ Union

There had been no meeting in the month but the major talking point was that Brenda had referred to Sandra as a new mother, rather than a grandmother.



Harvest Lunch

Details of this year’s lunch were announced and this would be held on Sunday 14th October at a cost of £5 and be held in the Annexe.   




There was an article about the Yarra Farm and the good work that they did.  



News from the Stanway Green Lodge

The continuing heatwave had been mentioned and how the residents had coped with it. They had received a visit from Fr Nicholas who was accompanied by Gill from the Colchester Baptist church. Lillian Lace had been again to visit them and preparation had been made for the forthcoming Colchester in Bloom judging day.