From the vicar

Fr Nicholas was writing his article on the day when we were celebrating the life and witness of Saint Benedict of Nursia, the father of Western monasticism, the founder of the Benedictine Order, the writer of the famous Rule of St Benedict and more recently one of the declared Patrons of Europe.



The PCC met on Monday 22nd May in the Annexe when Robin was re-elected as the churchwarden, Brian took on the role of the treasurer and other roles were announced.


Mothers’ Union                                                    

A talk was given on dolls by Lynn King and she brought a few along from her collection. One of these dated back to 1894.


Christian Aid

The collection within our church amounted to £100.


News from Stanway Green Lodge

The gardens are looking good, but the sad news was that there was a lack of funding so no council – Colchester in Bloom – this year. A fund raiser was done for the St Helena Hospice and this raised £300.