From the vicar

Fr Nicholas spoke of conspiracy theories and said that whenever an important festival was due some news came out that either told us that nobody believed in Christianity anymore or else apparently revealed some dastardly plot to undermine what is left of Christianity in this country. For him and for anyone who has entered into the events of Holy Week and Easter fully, the message is clear. After dying on the cross, Jesus rested in his tomb for three days and then he appeared to his disciples and they knew that he had risen from the dead.




Feast of St Pancras

His feast day was on 12th May and he was one of the early Christian Martyrs who was put to death in the fourth century. Sadly apart from his attested death, little was known about him, although his martyrdom produced a popular cult which was centred on his body, which was kept and honoured in the fine church on the Via Aurelia in Rome.


Easter Flowers

Thanks were given to all who had generously donated towards the Easter flowers or the 13 arrangers and two children who are being nurtured.


Mothers’ Union                                                    

Gilly Robson paid a return visit and this time spoke about being transported about in the country of India, a country that she had a great relationship with as her mother and grandfather were born there.  


Children’s Society

Thanks were given for this year’s boxes which totalled up to £648.18.


News from Stanway Green Lodge

With the weather better, thoughts have been given for time to be spent out in the gardens. They used a traditional Irish recipe when celebrating St Patrick’s Day and the end product was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone at tea time. The highlight of the month was the staff talent show which was all part of Comic Relief Day where they helped to raise funds for a worthwhile charity. .