From the vicar


August is the month of the principal celebration of the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This year we will be celebrating the Solemnity of her Assumption on Sunday 16th August so that as many people as possible can join in the celebration. This is particularly appropriate because although it is the day which marks the death of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her entry into Heaven, to take her rightful place by her son, our Lord, Jesus Christ; it is also a celebration for all of humanity, for you and for me, in that, it proclaims that through the death and resurrection of Our Lord  we all have a hope that there will be a place in heaven for us when we pass from this earth to God’s nearer presence. This is not a reward for being good, it is a gift from God and flows from our discipleship of Jesus Christ.


On the Solemnity of the Assumption we celebrate that humanity has indeed been reconciled with God, that which was lost at the fall has now been restored by God’s own will and action, and for that we can but give thanks, for the hope it offers us personally and those we know and love.


Our celebration of the Assumption of Blessed Mary will be at the Parish Eucharist on that Sunday. The Eucharist is at the heart of what we are as Christians, the word Eucharist comes from the Greek for Thanksgiving it is our duty and our joy to give thanks and praise to God for all his many blessings to us. At the heart of the Eucharist we have the sacrifice of Our Lord on the cross re - presented to us and we are invited to make our communion with God through the reception of His Body and Blood in the form of Bread and Wine.


Alongside this central reason for giving thanks we can add our own personal thanks for any special blessing we may have received, particularly in the previous week and alongside those thanks we will, on the Assumption, give thanks for the life and calling of the Mother of God and for the hope that is offered to us, in her death and Assumption into heaven that in Our Father’s house are many dwelling places and it is to his nearer presence that he calls all those who believe in his Son, born of the Blessed Virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Wishing you every blessing


Your Priest and Vicar

Fr Nicholas Davis



Shrub End Looking Back

A mention was given about the reprint of the book that was written by Geoff and Richard a few years ago back in fact in 1998. Copies went on sale at the 2015 Art Exhibition for £5.



Thank You

Barbara and her family wished to thank all who had expressed their sadness at the death of her husband Ed and all who had given donations in his memory. The amount forwarded to the British Heart Foundation was £345.



Big Wheels Appeal

There will be a coffee morning for the Big Wheels Appeal and this was to be held on Saturday 12th September 2015 in the All Saints Annexe.



Mothers Union

The meeting saw a talk given by Beryl Cardy which included fuschias something that she has shown a great deal of interest over the years.



Deanery News

Three pages were given to a report by Terry about the recent news.



Ride and Stride

Plans were ongoing for the forthcoming Friends of Essex Churches event on Saturday 12th September.



Friends of All Saints

An account was given of the recent concert which was held in our lovely little Victorian Church. Members from the Braintree Male choir were in attendance, and an end collection came to £400, with a profit after some expenses of £200.