In the brief review of the month’s magazine


From the Vicar

As I have pointed out before November is the month for REMEMBRANCE. At the beginning of the month we remember and celebrate All the Saints of God together with all the Holy Souls as we remember those whom we have loved but see no more.

On November 5th we are bidden to remember the overthrowing of a plot to topple the government of the Day on Bonfire Night. On November 11th and on the nearest Sunday we are also bidden to remember the fallen of two World Wars and of conflicts since that time on Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday. That is quite a lot of remembering to do in a very short period – some of that remembering goes back to the dawn of Christianity as we celebrate ALL SAINTS DAY, while some of the remembering is much closer to the present time, indeed some of the remembering may be of people we have only recently lost.

Remembrance serves several different functions, it allo us to express the love we have for those we knew who have died. It can be a way we express thanks for those who gave their lives in the service of their country and for the good of all humankind. It can be a way of helping us not to make the same mistakes again that were made in the past and in a very positive way it can encourage us to work to create a better and more just World for ourselves and for future generations. Remembrance is a good thing if we use it rightly.


Remembrance is at the heart of the Christian Faith, every time we meet together to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, as Our Lord commanded us at the Last Supper, we are told to do this in remembrance of him. This remembrance even has a special name it is call ANAMNESIS. It is a sort of remembrance that seeks to go beyond other types of remembering it is remembrance that makes real in the present that which is remembered in the past so that in the Eucharist we remember the Last Supper and the actions and words of Our Lord not just as historical events but as events which have a definite meaning and reality for us in the here and now. The sacrifice of Our Lord on the Cross, his offering of his very self for the salvation of the World is made real for us in our remembering of it. We are not just thinkers or dreamers or bystanders we become a part of the very reality we are calling to mind.

I hope that whatever or whoever you remember this November will bring you a sense of oneness with that memory, a hope for the future, a lesson for the present and above all in the Eucharist a sense of the presence of Christ in our midst and of his saving help to us who call upon him and remember him at the Altar.         

Wishing you all every blessing 

Your Priest and Vicar

Fr Nicholas Davis


Thank You !

Jennifer expressed her thanks to all the donations given towards flowers for our churches. Fourteen areas of our church needed to be covered and 14 arrangers were on hand to do this.


Harvest Meal

Thanks were given by Frances, for all who helped out with the Haervest meal.


Mothers’ Union

The group were pleased to have Fr Nicholas at the last meeting to preside at what was now becoming the Annual Harvest Eucharist. Brenda was hoping to have visited the Women’s Refuge before you read these notes.



Les Clayden

It was announced with great sadness that a former member of our church for many and then of St Leonard’s at Lexden had recently died, aged 100.

He was a founder member of the St Raphael Club which I attended until it closed down, and he had been president of it. In the year before he died, I spoke with him, as I completed a book of the history of that club.

Deanery news

Terry once again gave his detailed news of the events going on in the local area.


Belfry news

On Wednesday 16th Setember 2015, a quarter peel of Plain Bob Doubles, was rung to celebrate the Golden Wedding of John and Paula. A week before, it had been a quarter peal of Grandshire Doubles to celebrate the Queen becoming the longest serving monarch.


McMillan Coffee Morning

At the fund raising event that was held at the Thursday Open Afternoon on 8th October 2015, the sum of £62.80 was raised. Some people were unable to attend, and the sum increased up to £120. 


Friends of All Saints

A party of 27 made the trip to visit Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge. As usual this started in the rain. A stop was made enroute at Bury St Edmunds to see the lovely gardens there. Overall a profit of £70 was made for the Friends’ Fund.

News from Stanway Lodge

A detailed two page report came to us from Clara.




With Advent soon approaching; there was talk about Advent Calendars and Candles, and the preparations ongoing for Christmas.