From the Vicar

I worked out yesterday as I was sitting enjoying my Friday day off that it was exactly five weeks until Christmas Day. That thought prompted several others; where does the time go?, I really need to get some cards written and presents bought, and with the World in the state it is in at the moment what will the message of this Christmas be.


As far as time is concerned, it is true what they say, the older you get the faster it goes, as far as cards and presents are concerned there are still a few weeks to go, as for the state of the World that seems to be more problematic.

We do seem to be living through some of the most difficult times since the end of the Second World War. There have, of course, been other wars and events which have changed World history in that time but with the terrorist attacks in recent times on New York, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Islamabad, Mogadishu, Peshawar, Kenya, the downing of the Russian plane, Paris and Mali it seems that we are in a period of much greater uncertainty and perhaps danger than we have known for many years.

If you are anything like me, and I do like to follow the news as best I can, you are just as bewildered by all the various groups and factions, some large and some small, that seem to be vying for power in various parts of the Middle East and northern Africa and who see terrorism as a legitimate way of furthering their ends and desires. The saddest thing is that many of these factions claim some legitimacy for their action in Islam, which not only wrongly brings that religion under criticism and suspicion but also brings millions of law abiding Muslims under the same criticism and suspicion.

As we approach one of the great Christian festivals of the year, a festival which has often been seem as a time of PEACE AND GOODWILL let us use it as a spur to greater prayer for Peace in the World and for Goodwill to all men and women especially those who are different to us, whether that difference be of race, colour or religion.

One of the hardest things Our Lord told his disciples to do was to love their enemies and to do good to those who hate them. As I look at the atrocities that have been enacted in various parts of the World in recent times it makes that commandment very hard indeed. However it is part of the Christmas message, a message the World desperately needs to hear, a message of God’s love for his World and all who live in it and a message of love from those who worship him and believe in his Son, the Saviour of the World, who was born of the Virgin Mary at Bethlehem.   

Wishing you all every blessing for this Advent and a very Happy and Holy Christmas

Your Priest and Vicar

Fr Nicholas Davis


Mothers’ Union

Brenda spoke of how last month’s meeting took the form of a mini AGM. It seemed strange to be discussing the accounts ending 2014 and then thinking about next year’s programme. I hope to rectify this next year. To conclude a raffle was held and Sandra led a craft session and thanks were given to Jane, who took the meeting in the absence of Jane. Congratulations were to her and John on the birth of their grandson.

No meeting was due in January 2016.


Deanery news

It has been announced that the Rev Enwin Lammens is the new assistant Area Dean, successor to Fr Peter Walker. Mary Durlacher has been re-elected to the General Synod. Due to a closure of a music shop in an area in another place, cheap instruments and sheet music were now available.


Thursday Drop In Afternoon

The afternoon group have sent donations of £40 each to Water Aid, the Alzheimers Society, SSAFA and the Sightsavers. Donations are to go off to the British Government under their UK aid scheme.