Due to the very poor weather, the 2010 Christmas Tea had to be cancelled.  

Recent funds raised in probably in the early 2010's saw money donated to the work of the Bishop's Appeal for Kenya, the Air Ambulance and the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital.  

At one point, a coffee morning was held to raise funds for the MacMillan Cancer Support scheme and this saw £91 made and with further donations made, this took the total up to £120.  



Once the New Year is hit, plans are started to get to work for the planning for the year's church Art Exhibition which takes place in early May each year. 

In 2014 the event was being held on the first few days in May. The records showed that there were around 500 visitors attending. 235 catalogues were sold and 92 artists exhibited. The net proceeds for church funds were around £2,000. 



The good work of the project continues which gives the homeless a chance to do their laundry, get advice and be provide with food. Whilst some bad comments are raised about it, the mission is well supported by the local council, the police and other local organisations.

Harvest donations were given to support them too. 

In recent years good funds have beed raised to support the house from the proceeds raised from the Men's Group breakfast sessions. 



Request are made for the boxes are to be handed in for annual count early into the New Year. 

Thanks were given for the excellent financial support of the good support in 2014, where the boxes contained the excellent sum of £1,230.62. Added to this was the collection from the Christian Eve Nativity service which took in a further £107. 



From the envelopes left at the back of the church, £19 was placed in these.

Terry who does good work for the organisation, thanked all for their support again.  

A concert was held on behalf of the charity at St Leonard's in Lexden which took the form of a Carols by Candlelight concert on 4th December 2014.  

At one point a very hasty appeal was being made for an Emergency feed of the Children in Syria. 



Several clergy moves were noted in various magazines,

Also news from eanery Synod meetings

On 22nd September 2014, the Centenary Mission was being held and after this there was to be a further workshop, this latter event was to be held on the evening of 28th November 2014 at St Botolph's Church.



At the end of 2010 a review was done of the trips in the year which saw visits made to Kew Gardens, Woburn Gardens and Safari Park. Later in the year they joined up with the Mothers' Union as they went to Lavenham and then onto Clare Priory. Then in October at their AGM they had a sighting of a marvellous flower arrangement as they were entertained by Jill Pert with the Doyle Carte Opera.  

Various outings had been planned for 2011, and these were to Burghley House near Peterborough, Highclere Castle, Holham Hall in Norfolk and it was hoped that a good number would book places on the coach. 

Richard was again appealing for people to support their events and outings and also for people to give money by taking up a subscription to the group. 

At one point a project was launch to replace some of the poor quality "Ancient and Modern" hymn books. 

The Summer concert was held on 29th June 2013 when an enthusistic audience enjoyed a medley of Songs from the Shows performed to fully professional standards by members of the Essex based Showchoir.

Various outings took place and this saw trips planned to Chartwell, to Burghley House in May and another one was being organised to go to Hatfield House in early July 2014.



The usual annual event took place in mid September when the Ride & Stride event took place. Again there was a request for sponsors to support this event.



The proceeds of the 2010 Harvest were sent to the Colchester and Tendring Women's Refuge. 

At their last meeting the PCC agreed that the recipients of the year's harvest offerings would be going to the Colchester Food Bank. 



Although a special event was not arranged, support was given to this cause as coffee and cakes were sold to raise money for the appeal on October 2nd. 



Early 2011 saw a visit from Fr Nicholas, and he presided at the Said Eucharist. It was a double celebration of Candlemass and setting up plans for the "Make a Mothers Day" event. 

It was reported that the February 2012 meeting had to be cancelled due to the snow at the time. 

Fr Nicholas attended the February 2014 meeting and presided over the Eucharist. 

In the absence of Brenda who was away, the July meeting saw it as a "do it yourself day". This meant that Sue led the service and Lynn gave a refresher talk on the life and work of Mary Sumner, the founder of the Mothers' Union. 

Jane and Brenda attended the Chelmsford Cathedral for the Mothers' Union council meeting in October 2014. 

Also that month, there was the Harvest Festival, where Fr Nicholas led the worship on the 13th.



In support of the local Colchester Gazette newspaper, an appeal was being made for old bikes which were being recycled and refurbished and then sent off to Africa. 



Late in 2014, Robin was talking about the setting up of a group to promote religion to the young people of the area.  



Various parishioners have been lost in the last few years, and these included Len Jones and Barbara Palfrey early in 2014.

We also remembered Brigid Hadfield after the death of her mother Margretta.

The funeral took place on 29th January 2014 of the Rev Ray Robinson. This was at St Mararet's in Berechurch. 

In June 2014, we were remembering June Wynne 

Brian and David Waller who lost their older brother, Michael in November 2014.

Then December 2014, it was bellringer Dennis Whent. 



 Due to Health and Safety issue, the cupboard in the St Cedd's kitchen will have to be kept locked after a recent fire inspection in the building.