JULY 2014 CHURCH MAGAZINE (brief review)


From the Vicar

For many men and women who are ordained, Petertide brings back memories of their own ordination. This year on the 30th June I shall have been a Deacon for 30 years and on the 1st July a Priest for 29 Years. Sometimes those days in 1984 & 1985 seem like yesterday and at other times they seem to be part of a different World of long ago. I’m sure the same could be said for other key events in life, Marriage, University, a first job, a new house. Our memories can be very fluid depending on our mood or the situation we find ourselves in the present.

 However as I look back to my ordination days I remember Southwark Cathedral packed out with people. In those days Deacons and Priests were ordained at the same service so there were about 30 of us ordained at the same time. On both occasions we entered the Cathedral in a great procession as the choir sang “I was Glad when they said unto me, let us go into the House of the Lord” the music, of course by Hubert Parry. In those distant days it was a male only affair, women deacons were not ordained until 1987 and women priests were not allowed until 1994.

Southwark, known for it’s liberal progressive theology, had been supportive of change to a more inclusive ministry for some time and in the years before my ordination there had been protests at the Cathedral on Ordination Days, so to prevent disruption, when I was ordained, the Bishops of the Diocese went out of the Cathedral before the service to meet with the protesters and to formally receive their demands. After that there was no further trouble. It all seems like something from another age now.

At the heart of the Ordination, as we knelt under the great candelabra which hangs under the tower in Southwark Cathedral, there was the Laying-on of Hands with the words “Send down the Holy Spirit upon your servant N. for the office and work of a deacon / priest in your church” There then followed either the placing of a stole deacon - wise across the body from the right shoulder or the change of the stole to straight down as a sign of priesthood. In a sense it is all quite simple and is all over in less than a minute but it marks both the end of several years of preparation and training and the start of a new life in Holy Orders a fact that was brought home to me immediately after my priesting. As I stepped out of the Cathedral some-one I knew from College came up, knelt down and asked for a blessing.

Shortly after my Ordination to the Priesthood on the following Wednesday the Feast of St. Thomas I celebrated my First Mass in St. Peter’s Vauxhall. I think it is at a First Mass that you suddenly realise what has happened to you and what a privilege it is to be able to preside at the Holy Eucharist, to pronounce the Absolution of Sins and to give God’s blessing to his people in the most holy Sacrament of the Altar. A privilege and joy that I still value and celebrate 29 years later.

With these memories I send every good wish and a prayer for all those who will be ordained this Petertide here in Chelmsford and throughout the Church and with the hope for more vocations to the Sacred Ministry in the future.


Wishing you every blessing

Your Priest and Vicar

Fr Nicholas



A very good account is given by Richard of the parish trip to Sandringham House on Monday 12th May 2014, when 35 people made the journey. There was a stop off point enroute at Elvedon for coffee and fortunately by the time that they got there, the rain had stopped. When there and in the dinner room, a bad storm arrived which included hail stones. However this subsided and it was back to clear blue skies and sunshine. Several went on the shuttle bus to the house to look around the gardens and the museum. Others went to the nearby church, where the Queen often attends. Once more heavy rain hit, as the party set off on the bus for home again.



Junior Church will be held, for children of primary school age on the first Sunday of each month, during the All Age service which starts at 10am at St Cedd's Church. When the children first arrive, with their parents, please meet Frances at the back of the church, where a table will be set up for craft activities. At the start of the main service, the Junior Church will go into the committee room for teaching and then return to the back of the church to complete their craft. There will be no Junior Church in August or September, with the next then being on Sunday 5th October 2014.



The recent meeting saw a Strawberry Tea, so thanks to the help given by Lynne, Jane and Heather F. This month's meeting will take the form of a Bring and Buy Sale with a raffle. This is a fund raiser for "Wheels Appeal".  There will be no meeting in August, but in September, Christopher Parkinson, will talk about Stain Glass Windows.



It was announced that the new bishop of Colchester will be the Ven. Roger Morris, who has been the Archbishop of Worcester. He will be consecrated in St Paul's Cathedral on 25th July. He is married to Sally and has two daughters, Fiona and Imogen.

At the Deanery Synod vote, the Rev John Parker was elected to serve on the Diocesan Synod for the remainder of Triennium.

Bishop Stephen was seeking a blessing for Colchester as he attended a meeting at Plume Avenue URC.

The Rev Mandy Elmes was announced to be the new vicar of the parishes of West Bergholt with Great Horkesley and Langham with Boxted. Whilst the Rev Tony Bushell will move from the Associate Priest in the Greenstead and St Anne's team, as priest in charge at Stanway.



The sum needed was £1,000, and since last month the tally raised has gone up from £300 to £700 that has been donated, so thanks to all the givers.



The magazine includes a very detailed review by Chris Parkinson about stained glass windows. Part 3 was about Ward and Hughes and Cox and Sons.



Revised Common Lectionary:- Year A



Sung Eucharist                                           Sung Evensong



All Age Eucharist                                         Psalms 56 & 57

Zechariah 9: 9 - 12                                      II Samuel 2: 1 – 11 & 3: 1

Matthew 11: 25 - 30                                     Luke 18: 31 – 19: 10



Isaiah 55: 10 - 13                                         Psalms 60 & 63

Romans 8: 1 - 11                                          II Samuel 7: 18 - 29

Matthew 13: 1 – 9 & 18 - 23                        Luke 19: 41 – 20: 8



Wisdom 12: 13 & 16 - 19                             Psalms 67 & 70

Romans 8: 12 - 25                                       I Kings 2: 10 – 12 & 3: 16 - 28

Matthew 13: 24 – 30 & 36 - 43                  Acts 4: 1 - 22



I Kings 3: 5 - 12                                            Psalms 75 & 76

Romans 8: 26 - 39                                       I Kings 6: 11 – 14 & 23 - 28

Matthew 13: 31 – 33 & 44 - 52                  Acts 12: 1 - 17          





1st       Feria NO EUCHARIST AT S. CEDD’S               

            7.45pm Devotional Bible Study in the Annexe


3rd      S. Thomas, Apostle 10.00am Eucharist at All Saints’



          8.00 Eucharist at All Saints’

          10.00am Parish All Age Eucharist at S. Cedd’s

           6.30pm Sung Evensong at All Saints’


8th       Feria 9.30am Eucharist at S. Cedd’s                   


10th     Feria 10.00am Eucharist at All Saints’



           8.00 Eucharist at All Saints’

          10.00am Parish Sung Eucharist at All Saints’

           6.30pm Sung Evensong at All Saints’


15th     Feria 9.30am Eucharist at S. Cedd’s

           7.45pm Bible Study in the Annexe


17th     Feria 10.00am Eucharist at All Saints’



           8.00 Eucharist at All Saints’

           10.00am Parish Sung Eucharist at All Saints’

            6.30pm  Sung Evensong at All Saints’


21st      P.C.C. Meeting 7.45pm in the Annexe


22nd     S. Mary Magdalene  9.30am Eucharist at S. Cedd’s


24th     Feria 10.00am Eucharist at All Saints’



           8.00 Eucharist at All Saints’

          10.00am Parish Sung Eucharist at All Saints’

           6.30pm  Sung Evensong at All Saints’


29th     SS Mary, Martha and Lazarus 9.30am Eucharist at S. Cedd’s


31st      S. Ignatius Loyola, Pr. 10.00am Eucharist at All Saints’



The full magazine can be bought from the church each month