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    Following his return from holiday, Fr Nicholas was unwell. After visiting his GP, he went directly into the Colchester General Hospital and a medical procedure was carried out. At the time of writing Fr Nicholas remains in hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with him. We wish him a speedy recovery to full health.




    A regular slot in the magazine was now planned with a mention of a cheese and wine party held in early September at St Leonard’s In mid November, this will see the tenth anniversary of “Seeking God Blessing for Colchester”. The Bishop of Colchester will be the Guest Speaker.


    There will be a car tour on October 18th, in the Burnham-on-Crouch area of village. St Michael’s Myland will be holding an August Bank Holiday weekend. There was a note of various clergy move but some very sad news as the death of Canon Timothy Thompson was announced.


    (The webmaster has a personal memory of him, as he was his confirmation teacher, which he always remember was at St Botolphs Church a month before his 13th birthday in June 1965. Certainly I met him on one occasion after he left here at the Garrison cricket ground in Colchester, watching the cricket. Indeed it was his wife who got my mum, Mabel, preparing the teas at St Cedd’s).


    After leaving here, he was at St James the Great on East Hill, Colchester, and I believe he did a sponsored roof sit there to raise money. He was the rural dean from 1984.



    The talk at the meeting was done by church member Chris on Stained Glassed Windows, a great interest of his. The next meeting will be held on October 1st when Malcolm will lead the Harvest Worship and the branch will be supporting the Women’s Refuge.



In his absence, I have taken it upon myself to complete the magazine, with a few extra features, we will endeavour to keep you updated on church diary events, parish registers, either in the weekly church prayer slips or in next month’s magazine.


Brian Waller



O merciful Father, who have wonderfully fashioned man in your own image, and have made his body to be a temple of the Holy Spirit, sanctify, we pray you, our doctors and nurses and all those whom you have called to study and practice the arts of healing the sick and the prevention of disease and pain. Strengthen them in body and soul, and bless their work, that they may give comfort to those for whose salvation your Son became Man, lived on this earth, healed the sick, and suffered and died on the Cross. Amen.



In the absence of Fr Nicholas, a diary is not available this month. Details where possible, will appear in the weekly church prayer slips.



In the absence of Fr Nicholas, the registers are not available this month. Details where possible, will appear in the weekly church prayer slips.




I have done my bit for the church now for more than forty years. All the early work was done on a Gestetner machine, these were messy black stencils where the operation could be motorised or by hand. In those days I think I was printing off over 600 copies. Often the stencil slipped on the roller and had to be lifted and placed down again, and you did tend to get very dirty. However eventually the church decided to invest in a new print machine, but initially we had a photocopier which caused me to spend a lot of extra time printing, and I was literally there the whole of two or three evenings for printing. Often my father would turn up late at night to see where I had got to and tell me that I should come home. It was a slow job, but finally we did buy a Riso machine, which had been the Parish’s initial intention, a couple of years before.

2 million prints later, it is still just about hanging on. It could best be described as an up to date electrical version of the Gestetner, it still runs on a basis of ink going through a stencil but not quite so messy. Despite a broken disposal box, and a few jams and problems along the way, I can normally do the whole magazine now in about 90 minutes. Often it is a very early print before I go to work, at some unearthly hour like 5am or before. However the print run is now down to 280 copies. My source of print comes from three areas, which sees John Coleman getting me supplied with – white paper, stencil rolls and ink tubes. Stephanie D'Silva normally brings me the coloured paper for the cover.

Numerous people have typed up the magazine material, but currently Stephanie D’Silva brings me the copies for all the pages (bar five). These come from Fr. Nicholas Davis a few days later via Email. Once all the printing is completed, I try and remember to ring Pauline Millatt, and she collects them, takes them away, and a team of helpers, normally sorts these and staples them up to deliver to the people who take them to the various houses. I have done my job for 40+ years, but how did I get the job? From what I can recall the Reverend David Streeter had done the work when he was here, and when he left to go and be a Parish priest in Rayne, I got the job. At the time the Reverend Charles Goulding was the vicar, now if he wanted something done, he got it done, and I think the conversation went along the lines …. David Streeter is leaving, you don’t mind printing the magazine do you !!!

As written by Brian Waller (an extract from his books written in 2013, about the life and work of the Parish)




In the early part of 2014, Brian Waller was asked to set up a new church website, this he has done and can be found on the link below –



Initially the basic website was set up by a professional, with the input supplied by Brian. When this was completed he then took over and having spent many hours, loading up data from various sources, this was completed a few weeks later, and went online about March 2014. Hopefully some of you will have logged on, to have a look at the many items that he has incorporated on it. A lot of the information that he wrote about in his four books produced in 2013 about the history, the clergy and other facts about the Parish since its early beginnings were noted.

 It would be nice if people could comment on the things that he has recorded on there, or are there other items that you would like to see on there, please either tell him in person, or contact him via Email on –

Since I wrote about the history of our two churches in 2013, I seem to have spent a lot of time writing. In a moment of madness over Christmas 2013, whilst at Church on the Sunday before Christmas, my mind wandered, as I was soon to be having a ten day spell off work over the Christmas period, and what was I going to do. Normally you just tend to sit in a chair, get bored, watch TV or fall asleep. But no, I set myself a silly challenge of trying to see every church in Colchester and the surrounding area.

So I compiled a list, and I travelled all over the place. This saw me go all round the roads into town, the town centre, then off to Wivenhoe, Old Heath, Lexden and Prettygate. For a diversion, I then went a bit out of my way and went to the pretty town of Woodbridge in Suffolk, and called in at a church in Melton. With a bus rail replacement from the Ipswich Station to Woodbridge, I passed some very old churches in Ipswich, which then saw me going off to that town, on two Saturdays in January. To cap my Christmas spell of walking, I went to Norwich on New Years Day with a long list to see and managed quite a few, but heavy rain, saw me getting wetter and wetter, and finally I had to concede defeat. Now whenever I am not off watching football or cricket, I go with my camera taking pictures of buildings, interesting views and churches, and look inside these when they are open. I search around the internet for the history and write illustrated books with text, memories and photos and include as many churches as I can. To date this year I have, despite not driving, but by bus or train, been to over 40 places, and seen churches, which have included Brentwood, Maldon, Tollesbury and Earls Colne and many more.

 Brian Waller