All Saints with St Cedd, Shrub End, Colchester



PRAYERS FOR THE WEEK 22nd to the 28th March 2020

 Sunday 22nd March

The Fourth Sunday of Lent (Mothering Sunday)

Intention: For the People of this Parish

Church: Please pray for the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui and for mothers everywhere, give thanks for their love and devotion, and pray, too, for the work of the Mothers’ Union and the Women’s Institute and all who work untiringly to maintain the values of the home and family life.

Religious Communities: Community of the Sacred Passion, Shoreham-by-Sea

Parish: For the People of this Parish

World: For the peace of the world

Years’ Mind: Walter Grimshaw


Monday 23rd March

Church: Please pray for The Dioceses of Matabeleland (Central Africa), Virginia The Episcopal Church), and Huron (Canada) and the retired clergy, Readers and lay ministers who live and work in the Deanery of Havering.

Religious Communities: Sisters of Charity, Plymouth

Parish: For Nursing Homes, Care Homes and Sheltered accommodation

For all who live in Eight Acre Lane

Years’ Mind: Emily King


Tuesday 24th March Oscar Romero Bp M

Church: Please pray for The Dioceses of Matana (Burundi), Wad Medani (Sudan) and Hyderabad (Pakistan) also the Deanery of Newham

Religious Communities: Community of S John the Baptist, Begbroke

Parish: For the University and places of Higher Education

For all who live in Eldred Avenue

Years’ Mind: Elizabeth Godman



Church: Please pray for The Dioceses of Matlosane [formerly Klerksdorp] (Southern Africa), and Waiapu (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia) and the East Ham Holy Trinity Team Ministry

(S Mary, S Bartholomew, S Alban Upton Park, S Edmund) and East Ham (S George and S Ethelbert)

Religious Communities: Society of S John the Evangelist, Westminster

Parish: For all Community Services at the Social Centre

For all who live in Elmwood Avenue

Years’ Mind: Walter Jeans


Thursday 26th March

Church: Please pray for The Dioceses of Mauritius (Indian Ocean), Waikatu & Taranaki (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia), and Wangaratta (Australia) and the Parish of East Ham (S Paul)

Religious Communities: Community of the Sisters of the Love of God, Oxford

Parish: For our Community Police Officer

For all who live in Fallowfield Road

Years’ Mind: Judy Burrells, Jean Theobald and Stephanie Theobald


Friday 27th March

Church: Please pray for The Dioceses of Mbaise (Nigeria) and Warri (Nigeria) and the Parishes of Forest Gate (All Saints) and Forest Gate (Emmanuel w S Peter Upton Cross)

Religious Communities: Community of S John the Divine, Birmingham

Parish: For the United Reform Church in Plume Avenue

For all who live in Fenno Close

Years’ Mind: Audrey Peacock, Catherine Atkinson and Norah Davis


Saturday 28th March

Church: Please pray for The Dioceses of Mbale (Uganda), Washington (The Episcopal Church),also Ibadan, Ibadan North and Ibadan South (Nigeria).  We are just about to begin the last two weeks of Lent, a kind of mini-season sometimes known as “Passiontide”.  It’s easy to misunderstand some of the old words we use in Church and “passion” here does not mean strong feelings but literally “being done to”.  And that’s exactly what happens to Jesus. He is handed over to “being done to”.  Particularly in the last 24 hours of his life he becomes the object of mockery, scorn and physical abuse. His followers betray him or run away. Even Peter denies that he ever knew him.  And he dies the painful death of a criminal.  And yet – as the centurion says out loud – it is precisely here that he is most deeply revealed as God.

Religious Communities: Society of the Sacred Mission, Milton Keynes

Parish: For the Mothers’ Union

For all who live in Fisin Walk

Years’ Mind: John Robinson


Also this week-

The SickRev Tony Rose, Ethel Munson, Angela Marsh, Gillian, Aidan Cooke, Angela, Dawn & her family, John Barker, Christopher Browne, Ron Harden, Margaret, Chris Parkes and his family, Arthur, Amy, Pat Rickard, Louise, Rachel and Shareen Rouvray, Sandra French, John Swinburne, Tabitha, Geoffrey Webb, Edward Wiles, Emma, Shirley and John Hall


The Departed –Arthur Ward, Guy Biddlecombe and Sandra Webb



ELECTORAL ROLL for 2020 I will be updating the Electoral Roll ready for the APCM on Monday 20th April 2020.  The present Roll will be available in church from Sunday 8th March until Sunday 5th April. This year you will be required to check that your details are correct, including your address and, if necessary, to amend the list adding your signature. Please tick or put initials once checked, thank you.  Any changes must be notified to me by Saturday 5th April