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All Saints will be open for weekly services at 10 am each Sunday, with the first Sunday of the month being at St Cedd's church in Iceni Way. 

The entrance will be via the porch door and exit will be through the vestry and out of the side door next to the Toilet.  Once again we kindly ask for face coverings to be worn, Please sanitizer your hands and fill in the track and trace book or use the N H s QR code scanner. 

We plan to open on Sunday 18th April for public worship at 10 am but as to what format, that is to be decided. This also falls after the next government relaxing of restrictions on April 12th. Obviously this could be subject to change depending on advice from the Government, Denery, Diocese and Church of England. 

 Friends subscription - The P C C would like you to invite Friends members to subscribe, if they so wish or a donation to Friends Funds would be equally acceptable


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 January 2022

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  Parish of All Saints with St Cedd’s, Shrub End Arrangements during the Corona Virus emergency

If anyone in our community feels the need to be in contact with a priest, for example with a specific question, or for prayers, or a blessing, or just for a chat, you are welcome to get in touch with Revd. Ray Sams (telephone: 07951 421150; email: and Ray will do his best to help. 

  In these difficult times churches, like all organisations, need to follow the guidance we have received from the Government: that is, only leaving home for essential purposes, and maintaining social distancing when we do. So, all Church of England Parishes are now required to keep our churches closed, for all purposes, while the Corona Virus emergency continues. No services of any kind may take place in our churches. This means not only Sunday services and other parish worship, but also weddings, funerals (which may only take place at the graveside or at a crematorium), and baptisms. Nor may our churches be open for private prayer, either by individuals or members of the clergy, or for social or other activities.

 We are very sad that we have had to put these restrictions in place, which we know will be difficult and painful for many people. While they are in force, there are other possibilities for prayer and worship you might like to explore. The clergy of Chelmsford Cathedral are live-streaming services on their Facebook page. You do not need to have your own Facebook account to access this material. If you search for Chelmsford Cathedral Facebook in your internet browser, then click the “videos” tab on that page, you will find individual members of the clergy reading services.

 Morning Prayer is at 7.45 am, Evening prayer at 5.15 pm, and the Sunday morning service is at 10.30. You do not have to watch the services live at these times: they stay on the Facebook page so you can take part at later times if you wish. There are notices on the main Facebook page for other service and activities during Holy Week. Alternatively, on this website, you will find services of Morning and Night Prayer, and a service of Spiritual Communion, which you can use at home during the week. Additionally, for each Sunday we will put up a family service (including the Bible readings for that day, and a written sermon).

 And occasionally, other resources will be produced to help you engage with your faith while we are physically apart. All of this material is designed so that you can read it on your own or with others in your household. We are acutely aware that there are people in our church community who do not have, or are not comfortable with using, internet resources. If you know someone in this position, please talk to them on the phone and see what you can do to help. It might be they would like you to read the services, or parts of them, over the phone, or perhaps print them and send them by post. Or maybe just read a portion of the Bible, or pray with them, or of course just chat. We are all having to learn different ways of being together when we have to be physically apart.


 Under the instructions of Bishop Stephen of Chelmsford, we now have to keep both our churches locked to the public 


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We are committed to Safeguarding children and young people and vulnerable adults. 

The PCC has adopted the Church of England’s policies and best practice on safeguarding which may be found on the Church of England’s website -

Details of our Parish Safeguarding Representative can be obtained by emailing the Webmaster on who will give you their details

The telephone number of the NSPCC is 0808 800 5000 

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